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Create a cutting edge Marketplace

Capturing LatAm's Financial Institutions right-to-win in eCommerce through an AI-driven Marketplace: Use our platform to implement a solution that offers thousands of quality products to your customer while we take care of the hard part (development, maintenance and negotiations)

  • Implemented in over 6 Banks in Latin America

  • Our solutions are ranked in Top 15 Online Sales in Argentina and Top 2 on Marketplace

  • High customer satisfaction (Over 45% repeat purchase rate)

  • Over 200 sellers and growing


Develop a world class loyalty program

Use our service and solution to understand and maximize the value of your customers.

  • Developed loyalty program for top companies in Argentina

  • Over 20 MM clientes reached through our solutions

  • Complete solution, from consulting to product design to technology development

Let us help you on your digital transformation

Learn how we have helped hundreds of companies to implement new solutions.

  • Track record in implementation of technology solutions for leading clients worldwide

  • Over 100+ Projecst developed in Latin America and USA

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